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Factors Fueling Automation In IT

Friday December 15, 2017 comments

Automation is on the rise in IT shops, especially in the infrastructure and operations realm. Some automation discussions make it sound like a boogeyman – automation’s coming to get you – but that misses the point. It’s important to understand – and be able to articulate – the why of automation.

Automation enables teams to unlock the potential of modern technologies, methodologies, and IT’s ongoing evolution from back-end support shop to business driver. It’s not as much a trend as it is a necessity for today’s development and operations work.

“There are several factors that are increasing adoption for automation, [such as] APIs, computing horsepower, cloud technology, and machine learning,” says Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and senior partner in the high-tech and manufacturing practices at Infosys. “However, it is the combination of these several factors that is accelerating overall adoption.”

For sure, the confluence of those technology components, from cloud services to containers, plays a big part. But these factors aren’t limited to technology: Putting your people in a position to succeed is another driver. Let’s dig into five factors fueling automation in IT.