What You Should Know About Last Mile Delivery

11 Jan by Rich Waryn

Last mile delivery, also known as final mile delivery, is the least understood but most important aspect of your transportation budget. In fact, logistics management companies have reported that last mile delivery makes up 53% of the total shipping costs. And because more online shoppers won’t buy an item unless it comes with free shipping, this cost is growing increasingly larger over time.

If you’re one of the many small businesses trying to invest in logistics management tools and services, here’s what you should know about last mile delivery.

Last mile delivery: What is it?

Final mile logistics cope with the last leg of your shipment’s delivery process. This is the last exchange of hands before an object, good, or service makes it to the hands of a customer. Unfortunately, this aspect of delivery is also the longest and the most time-consuming.

Final mile delivery takes so long because it typically rests on the shoulders of mailmen and other delivery partners that have to make numerous, smaller deliveries. Country roads can pose a problem because of the distance between houses. Cities are tough because of the frequency of the stops. It isn’t the most efficient process, but this is why logistic management services strive to keep you informed every step of the way.

What you should know about last mile delivery

Even if you understand last mile delivery, in theory, there are still plenty of aspects to this delivery process you should know. Here are some of the most pertinent pieces of information regarding this delivery option:

  • It’s pricey: It doesn’t make sense to sugar coat the cost for last mile delivery.
  • Ecommerce is on the rise: Did you know that consumers bought more than $2.86 trillion in goods online in 2018? On top of that, this number is only expected to grow. Relying on a quality logistics management team is the best way to get a share of that pie.
  • It might change in the near-future: Technology is constantly evolving. With the prominence of delivery drivers and the emergence of AI technology, the last mile might start to look a little different in the future.

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