Medical Equipment


Medical Equipment

Site specifics are important in every situation, but none more so than many of the medical offices, university labs, hospitals, and pharmacies that need to be managed with care during the final mile delivery and installation of medical equipment. We specialize and focus on velvet logistics to so our customers can count on us to provide the highest level of service in all areas when handling high value medical equipment. Why risk second rate service in full view of the professional and demanding end customer. Our crews are well versed in the issues surrounding the assistance of technicians and working in environments where this equipment is delivered/installed. Our crew will handle in the professional manner that the surroundings require, and the customer expects. We have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to ensure that the services exceed expectations. Don’t trust your reputation to anything less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical equipment handling?

The professional crating, packaging, padded van transportation, warehousing, and storage of all medical related equipment.

What does medical equipment delivery include?

A logistics team member will offload, including lift gate if needed, un-crate, and physically transport the medical equipment, using the correct moving equipment, to the room of the receiver’s choice.

Is safety gear provided for the logistics team?

Yes, the crew will have the correct moving equipment for safe transport and will have any safety gear required according to the site or local guidelines.

Can you provide the reverse and pickup medical equipment?

Yes, we can absolutely provide an experienced logistics team for pickup of medical equipment at any type of facility. We can crate/package all types of equipment or use a manufacturer provided crate to pack in for movement.

Can you move medical equipment from one site to another within the same city or to another city?

Using our trained logistics crews, we can pad wrap and secure high value medical equipment to move within one city or provide over the road padded van service to move to a further point.

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