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About LDK Logistics

LDK Logistics is a non-asset based Logistics Management company founded on the principle that exceptional service must be innovative, flexible, flawless and exceed expectations. We are the Inside Delivery Agent of choice for the most discerning customers, be it High Tech Computer, Medical Equipment, Telecommunications, Retail, Kiosks, Display, Trade Show or other High Value / High Visibility items and situations. Our skills in planning and execution of complex White Glove, non-dock deliveries are regularly trusted and tested by those who know best.

LDK Logistics Provides

Exceptional Service

Rather than using national agreements, agents are individually evaluated and selected to provide the “best of the best” in terms of complete and deep national coverage. In this way we are uniquely positioned to apply the right tools for each specific service.

The entire system is managed and controlled by our Logistics Professionals and our proprietary tracking system. Tracking is proactive and specific to each event. Central Customer Service, training, experience and a systems approach guarantees that your service is well managed.

Our Mission

Our mission at LDK Logistics is to provide the highest quality, value-added logistics services in the industry. We will service the customer above all else and exhibit professionalism in everything we do. We will respect the value of our reputation and protect the interests of our customers and vendors simultaneously. We treat everyone with respect and foster a positive work environment for all. Finally, by providing a truly Elite level of service to our customers, we can be expected to secure reasonable returns for our company, our employees, and our shareholders.

Our Vision

Deliver innovative logistics solutions while providing superior service and value to our customers.

Core Values

Honesty, Transparency, Accountability, Communication, Integrity, Dependability, Inclusion

Meet Our Team!

Rich Waryn


After spending 20 years in private equity Rich came to his senses and jumped head first into the logistics business. He moved to Denver after living in Dubai, Moscow, London and DC. He heads up the LDK team and is focusing on growing the business and creating outstanding customer service and a positive work environment for all employees.

Rich Waryn...

Liz Katkin

General Counsel

Liz joined LDK as a “recovering partner” from one of the world’s largest law firms.  Her specialty is corporate law and she supports the whole LDK team on its negotiations with new customers, vendors and general LDK business. She is highly over-educated with two graduate degrees from Columbia and a BA from Yale.

Liz Katkin...

Ryan Benis

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan was born and raised in Omaha, NE. He moved to Denver in 2010 to be close to the “Rocky Mountain High” as John Denver said so well. He enjoys camping, hiking (with his dogs), snowshoeing, rafting, canoeing, and anything outdoors! With both a shipper and forwarder background, Ryan has been in the industry for over 25 years.

Ryan Benis...

Raelene Current

Accounting / Office Manager

Raelene has 20 years of experience in Business Operations, Accounting, and HR management in the industries of Finance, Software with a Fortune 500 company, and Design/Development firm that had projects with the DOD and International Airports. As a Colorado native, Raelene enjoys hiking, fly fishing, and spending time in the mountains.

Raelene Current...

Brian Green

Operations Manager

Brian is an extremely avid sports and travel enthusiast. Although he was born and raised in Omaha, NE, an opportunity to move to Colorado presented itself in 2019, and Brian never looked back! When not catching a sports game, traveling the States, or cruising abroad, he can be found chasing the “Rocky Mountain High” (thanks John Denver) exploring the mountains, reservoirs, back roads not-yet-traveled, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and just enjoying the great outdoors. He’s passionate about animals and has a menagerie of pets – a beagle, 2 Bengals, and a bearded dragon. With over 3 years of experience in the logistics industry, Brian enjoys the logical analysis, dynamic environment, and challenge that’s required to execute a successful job completion.

Brian Green...

Robin Pettit

Account Manager

Robin is a St Louis native and has been with LDK for 16 years. She has been in Logistics for well over 30 years and is knowledgeable about most aspects of the industry. She has 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. Robin is an avid reader and also enjoys camping and is a lover of history.

Robin Pettit...

Rob Tate


Rob Tate is a Colorado native who enjoys all that the state has to offer like, skiing, boating, hunting and camping. As a family man, father of two, he has been given a second chance at being a kid and enjoying it! Rob’s logistics background started while serving in the Marine Corps during the end of Desert Storm, his main concentration was logistics and embarkation. He also has over a decade of experience in international logistics which might be the reason he has no hair left!

Rob Tate...

Laurie Foster

Account Manager

Laurie is a Colorado native and has been in the logistics industry for 25+ years. She grew up in a small ranching community where she had horses and participated in rodeo. She is passionate about customer service and logistics. She enjoys spending time with her family (two and four legged ones), entertaining, windshield time with friends and family, movies (old & new) and working on her home.

Laurie Foster...

Blaire Moore

Assistant Account Manager

Blaire was born and raised in Coconut Creek, Florida. She spends her free time doing all things artsy (from finger painting to making music) and indoorsy (board & video games to cooking with her partner). All of this is done to get more time cuddling her pets. Blaire got her logistics start at a cross-country long-haul freight brokerage and really enjoys tackling the challenges of the industry & helping to keep things running smooth.

Blaire Moore...

Karla James

Account Manager & Copier Specialist

Karla has lived in NY, CA and has ended in Tulsa, OK to be near her family.  She loves anything outdoors, especially wildlife.  She was a wildlife rehabilitator for over 10 years and has worked with animals as small as a baby hummingbird to an adult elephant seal and everything in between.  She enjoys being with friends and family and taking her mother out on different types of adventures.  She’s been in the logistics industry since 1990 and has been with LDK since 2019.  Her background in logistics and customer service is put to good use on a daily basis.

Karla James...

Jack Carley

Assistant Account Manager

Originally from Maine, Jack got his start in logistics via the seafood and commercial fishing industry. Jack was wholesaling and shipping live lobster to different seafood markets around the nation and globe. At LDK, he loves finding coverage for our customers and solving the day-to-day challenges that come with the industry. He moved to Colorado in 2018 for a fresh start, and a change of scenery. Outside of work, Jack is an avid skier, backpacker, and baseball fan (particularly the Red Sox). He also loves to take road trips and travel with his girlfriend and family.

Jack Carley...

Kevyn Lollar

Account Manager

Kevyn is a Colorado native born in Vail, CO and moved to Denver when he was 8. He fell in love with sports at an early age, then played tennis and baseball in college. He is proud, as are all of us, that he celebrates his sobriety date of 9/5/2013. He is now a family man with a fiancé of 6 years and 2 children. Kevyn got stated in the transportation business working SCAC codes for the Dept of Defense and has shifted his outlook on the white glove side of things now!

Kevyn Lollar...

Mario Rios

Account Manager

Mario was born in Colombia and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Looking to get away from the heat, he chose Denver after several vacations in the mountains. He started his logistics experience over 15 years ago in ocean cargo, specializing in the gourmet coffee industry. Mountain biking is one of his hobbies, as well as horseback riding.

Mario Rios...

Alex Slater

Account Manager

Alex is a Colorado native who finds enjoyment in the outdoors. Everything from high exposure hiking to skiing and beyond. He also enjoys spending time with his dogs, chickens, and ducks. After spending 5+ years in the Maritime industry, he is eager and excited to immerse himself in the world of logistics.

Alex Slater...

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