Kiosks have increasingly become the preferred method for companies to connect with their customers. LDK has grown our skill set along with this trend. From simple to complex kiosks we have been involved with the launch of many types of Kiosks. We have been involved with freight, delivery, set up and configuration of many different types, indoors and out. 

LDK can work with your company to create a cost-effective kiosk program. From planning through execution, let us demonstrate our care for your customer.

We deliver superior service and value to our customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What different types of kiosks have you dealt with?

ATM/s, ordering kiosks, ticketing kiosks, vending machines, employment kiosks, photo kiosks, and more.

We have a rollout of multiple sites across the US. Can you help with receiving kiosks and delivery kiosks to all locations?

Yes, with our widespread coverage, we can receive and deliver the kiosks with day/time specific requirements or on routes to help cost control.

Will LDK crews be able to plug in kiosks and help initiate kiosks?

Our crews can plug in and start software on kiosks, even connect to Wi-Fi, so you can access them remotely.

Can LDK deliver kiosks to malls?

Of course, yes! Our teams can deliver into malls and help set up & connect, even if requirements are before normal business hours.

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