Special Equipment


Special Equipment

We are often involved in delivery and placement of large sensitive items into very unique situations. Accordingly, we have the ability to dispatch a wide variety of equipment to service both the specific requirements of the items being delivered or picked up and to meet the requirements of each location.

Using our experience in services to remote locations, densely populated areas, limited access areas, of extremely large items, and other specific requirements, each delivery request will be managed by staff that understand the best approach to each environment and will be proactive in application of specific specialized equipment of the appropriate size to ensure the job goes off without a hitch. From simple forklifts and other general transportation equipment to cranes and other special use hoisting equipment, the LDK staff will be able to assist you in assuring a satisfied end user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of special handling equipment do you deploy?

Standard forklifts, reach forklifts, cranes, material handling lifts, safe jacks, roll-a-lifts, stair climbers, escalaras, scissor lifts, HD kick back dollies, and more!

Do you provide operators for the special handling equipment?

Yes, we will always provide a crew that is familiar with and trained in operation of any specialized equipment we provide for a job.

How do you know what type of specialized equipment is required to complete a job?

Our experienced team at LDK will request information on the cargo, site, and any other details that can be provided. From there, we may request for a site visit in order to determine what is needed to best perform the job.

Can you provide special handling equipment, transportation, and labor at both origin and destination for a specific site to site move?

We can provide service for all aspects of a site to site move from one site to another. Even if sites are 1000 miles from each other, we can have equipment on both ends to make sure service is completed to your satisfaction.

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