Velvet Glove Service


Velvet Glove Service

More and more standard carriers include common language about “white glove” services. The LDK level of service and experience proves our services set themselves apart and above those commonly available. Thus “Velvet Glove” was born. High Value Products and highly important clients require the highest level of diligence and often creativity on-site to service the end customer at a level commensurate with the product.

Our Velvet Glove service is flawless and proactive to ensure that the client’s changing needs are met with service that is sure to exceed the expectations of the client.

From Planning through Execution, let us demonstrate our care for your customer.

Quality & Service

Quality and Service go hand in hand. There are no second chances and the record speaks for itself. At LDK, our record is constantly examined and records are maintained of services performed throughout our network. The networks application success is constantly measured and monitored.

In addition to event monitoring and control, equipment selection and standards are integral in successful performance. With several different types of lift gates and other equipment available, our Logistics Professionals are experienced in which types of equipment are needed for each service. Our system ensures that we dispatch all necessary equipment, by the piece, according to the specific requirements of each delivery. 

LDK’s ability to succeed is based on the extremely high quality standards of service that we set for ourselves at each service point. We measure our progress constantly to ensure only the absolute best for our clients.

LDK is certified by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).

We deliver superior service and value to our customers

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White glove transportation and logistics services when timing and handling are the highest priority