Why Non-Asset Based Logistics is Essential for Your Business

11 Jan by Rich Waryn

Non-asset based logistics management are managed by third-party logistics providers which do not own the assets being used to manage and implement the chain of supply.

What Non-asset Based Logistics Management Is

With non-asset based logistics management, the provider is experienced with negotiating contracts with carriers and can assist with managing your relationship with distribution centers, warehouses, and supply chains at low cost to your business.

Each and every client has their own set of priorities and goals for their business and logistics operations. Non-asset based logistics providers have the flexibility to adhere to the diverse needs of different companies and offer tailored supply chain solutions to complex problems.

Benefits of Non-Asset Based Logistics Management

The growth of the digital urban population in the U.S. has increased at a rate of nearly 200% times the overall population increase.

Here are some of the benefits of third-party logistics management:

Reduce costs

  • Soft costs: resources, time
  • Hard costs: accounting, claims, freight rates

That statistic largely includes businesses like shipping and transportation companies. The use of the internet and online services to grow and expand your business extends to supply chain management. With the ability to store, manage, and secure a wide range of data and applications, it saves on your overall costs.

Increase efficiency

Providing a link to the supply chain in a digital way, is a way of keeping carriers connected to their customers and their suppliers. This digital platform can use the information gathered to help improve the performance of shipping and delivery services. It also gives the enhanced freedom to make better decisions regarding transportation that will improve the overall success of the business, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Mitigate risk and coordinating tasks

According to a 2016 Third Party Logistics study, shippers are concerned about the truck driver shortage. With expertise and powerful tools of digital technology, a non-asset based logistics provider can give carriers and shippers a clearer picture of carrier capacity and driver availability to make transportations run more smoothly and avoid the risk of losing business or money.

As the digital population increases, so does the need for non-asset based logistics management. Whether for telecommunication equipment transportation, medical equipment transportation, warehousing services or any other logistics management, a third-party logistics provider can assist you with developing a logistics plan customized to fit the needs of your company while fulfilling all the required supply chain obligations.

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