Things You Should Consider Before Moving Medical Equipment

11 Jan by Rich Waryn

Moving medical equipment has become exceedingly difficult without the help of an experienced team of movers. But before you move your medical equipment, you should know about the potential hazards that come with the operation.

Here are some of the most popular reasons a hospital will rely on the experience and efficiency of a logistics management company.

The products are fragile

Medical equipment transportation has to be performed with surgical precision to ensure fragile goods aren’t broken in the process. After all, medical equipment is not only expensive, but it’s also highly fragile.

For example, a single microscope can be worth thousands of dollars. These delicate table electronics aren’t designed to handle variable temperatures and unstable conditions. Between the easily broken lenses, glass, and oblong shapes associated with its transport, any number of issues might occur on the road. This is why the medical industry places a huge value on the quality of a logistics management company.

But electronics aren’t the only products that can be easily damaged during transit. Valuable glass materials like test tubes and hazardous materials such as oxygen tanks have to be moved with special care to ensure the products — and the employees — stay safe during transit.

The products are big

Picking up and moving an entire laboratory takes skill and more than a couple of special tools. While tabletop electronics are easy to transport, you’ll also have to move giant freezers, heavy centrifuges, and bulky HVAC equipment. In many cases, your logistics management company may have to utilize a crane or special crates to ensure these goods are transported properly.

Special equipment is needed

Moving medical equipment cannot be performed by any moving company; it’s up to your hospital to find logistics management services that specialize in the transportation of medical materials. These companies will utilize the best transportation tools, including padded crates, moisture-safe materials, and highly trained employees to get the job done right.

It’s no wonder the logistics transportation market will grow to $15.5 trillion by 2023. For the best in packaging and crating services for your medical supplies, contact the professionals at LDK Logistics today. We utilize padded van transportation to ensure the quality of your goods is maintained throughout the equipment transport process.

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