Ways That Short Term Warehouse Use Could Be Right For Your Business

11 Jan by Rich Waryn

From 2013 to 2018 online sales were predicted to reach $1.35 billion, an increase of 28.8% in those years. That’s a lot of stuff being bought, shipped, and delivered. Most consumers don’t really think about the fact that before those items reach their doorstep, they have to be stored somewhere.

Business owners are acutely aware of this because they’re familiar with the cost of warehousing services. While waiting for their products to sell, they have to be stored. This is a piece of logistics management that is wildly variable per business. Because most companies don’t have the fiscal reach of Amazon to pay for sprawling warehouses, it’s important to explore more manageable options.

Short term warehouse use is a viable option for many companies who don’t need or can’t sustain warehousing over long periods of time. Let’s look at some ways short term warehouse use could be beneficial to your business.

What Do You Sell?

For companies that sell seasonal or niche items that people buy in large quantities at certain times, short term storage could be the answer you’re looking for. Those products don’t need to take up minimal space in a long term rental. Opting for short term warehouse use will allow for briefer rental time periods and tailored spaces for the products you need to store.

Consider Your Production Output

You know when your production is highest and lowest in a given year. Tracking these times to adapt to short term warehouse use could be a huge money saver in the long run. Plus, these storage rentals can be changed based on changing and growing production rates. Think of it as bespoke storage.

Just Getting Your Business Off The Ground?

New businesses are awesome and we encourage them to grow and thrive. We do, however, know the many obstacles that plague new business owners as they try to get their fledgling companies off the ground. Storage can be one such obstacle. Try short term warehouse use and short term storage to house your wares as you get a feel for exactly what logistics you’ll be managing as your business scales.

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